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Instructions For Giving Online to Cornerstone Church...

1. Select the amount of your gift by selecting the denominations & quantities of your gift below, as if you were pulling cash out of your wallet and adding them to your cart just like any other online purchase (For example, if your desired total gift was $250, then you would select 2x $100 and 1x $50).

2. After adding each denomination to your cart, use the arrow in the upper left hand corner of your cart to navigate back to this page to add another denomination until your cart reaches your desired gift amount.

3. Complete your secure online transaction in the same manner that any other online transactions would be completed.  Your "Shipping Address" will be used to log and provide your tax free giving receipt at the end of the year (or any time upon your request).

4. Once the transaction is complete successfully, you will be notified.  

If you have any questions 24/7 please call (706) 662-9704 for help.

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